Abaas Yojana Application 2020 – Odisha Housing Mission

By | October 24, 2020

Affordable Housing Scheme in Odisha

With a mission to provide housing to all urban dwellers, Odisha Chief Minister Navin Patnaik launched an ambitious scheme Abass Yojana. The scheme was launched on 11th October 2015 under Odisha Housing Mission and covers an economically weaker section of the people in the state.

AffordableHousing Scheme in Odisha

The newly launched scheme has merged with the already existing Pradhan Mantri Abbas Yojana in it. Here we will discuss on an affordable housing scheme in Odisha and Abaas yojana application form 2020.
While launching the scheme, the chief minister has appealed the Housing & Urban Development Department as well as to investors to help people realize the dream of a house under the scheme.


Objective of the Abbas Yojana

The scheme aims to provide an affordable house to people belonging to economically weak, low-income group and slum dwellers along with access to basic amenities such as electric supply, adequate water supply, roads, drainage system and community center. It addresses the issue of the deficit of housing need in the urban area.

The scheme targets to execute housing projects in an urban area such as the State capital Bhubaneswar, Rourkela, Berhampur, Sambalpur and Katak within the time period of seven years.

The state has set up a target of providing 50,000 houses in the year 2016-17 and 1 lakh more houses in the year 2017-18.

Main features of the ABAAS Yojana

  • The government will provide free land to the developers for affordable housing project based on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.
  • Land located on outskirts of the city will be developed for the housing project and it will be merged into urban area.
  • Houses are to be constructed by employing pre-cast and pre-fabrication technology.
  • The government has set up Mission Directorate for implementation of the scheme.
  • Each housing unit will cost about Rs 6-7 lakh. Out of the total expenses, 1.51 lakh will be provided by the central government, 1.51 lakh will be borne by the beneficiary and the remaining amount will be provided by the state government.
  • A large number of housing projects are considered in a time-bound manner under the scheme. It also ensures sustainable operation and maintenance of these projects.

The ABAAS Yojana scheme promises shelter with affordable houses to economically weak with time bound construction of a large number of housing projects in various urban areas. The scheme has been implemented in a mission mode to ensure that housing deficit will be removed and supply will match the demand.
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