Ama Jungle Yojana Odisha Guidelines

By | June 15, 2017

Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project & Ama Jungle Yojana

In a bid to enhance forest cover in the Odisha, the state government has launched Ama Jungle Yojana under its Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project (OSFDP). The program is aimed towards a deep ecological concern too. Here we will discuss on scheme guideline and objectives.

Ama Jungle Yojana Odisha

A huge fund of Rs 517 crore is allocated to the scheme; Rs 424.625 crore will be provided for compensatory afforestation fund management and planning authority, Rs 50 crore will be allocated from State Plan Scheme’s Community Forest Protection and Management, whereas remaining Rs 42.50 crore will be sourced from national rural livelihood mission.


Objectives of the Ama Jungle Yojana

The scheme focuses on forest restoration of the degraded area, sustainable forest management of forest and improvement of livelihood of the community and creation of alternative livelihood living in the forest area.

Implementation of the Scheme

The scheme is to be implemented over the period of 8 years. In the next coming six years, the State has a plan to regenerate about 2.6 lakh hectare and develop 5,000-hectare new forest area.

The scheme will be implemented through over 5000 Vana Suraksha Samitees (VSSs) in 30 Forest and Wildlife Divisions of its 23 districts.

Each village will have Van Suraksha Samitees (VSSs) and will involve the active participation of women in it. VSSs will be responsible for the forest restoration.

The scheme will be implemented in three phases over the period of 8 years. In the first phase, 1000 VSSs will be set up, in the 2nd phase 2000 and in the 3rd phase remaining 2000 VSSs will be taken up. Area of about 5 lakh will be covered under the scheme, each VSS 50 hectare will be undertaken by each VSS.

The work of reforestation will be taken up through Assisted Natural Regeneration. Ama Jungle Yojana includes various activities such as ground survey, demarcation and mapping of the forest area, preparing a micro plan, capacity building, construction of community buildings, support for forest restoration, support for livelihood etc. The scheme involves active participation and support from many NGOs.

To ensure that the proper implementation of the scheme is being carried out, satellite monitoring and assessment through an independent agency will be done.

If implemented well, Ama Jungle Yojana portraits a greener and prosperous picture of Odisha.

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