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By | June 17, 2017

Amma Kaipesi Mobile Phone Scheme Online Booking

In an effort to alleviate the hardship of the self-help group members in Tamil Nadu, the state government launched Amma mobile scheme in 2015.

Tamil Nadu Amma Mobile Phone Scheme

The scheme was launched by the then Chief Minister of the state J Jayalalithaa. Here we will discuss on Amma mobile booking. The scheme will benefit members of the self-help groups in Tamil Nadu.


In the first phase of the scheme, 20,000 mobiles will be distributed to the trainers of SHOs which will cost Rs 15 crore to the government.

Women SHGs are playing a significant role in the progress of the Tamil Nadu state. With a view to eradicating poverty and empowering women financially, SHGs were established by Jayalalithaa government in 1991.

For the upliftment of the poor and women, the government had also initiated the Tamil Nadu new life scheme in co-operation with World Bank in the year 2005 which was targeted at SHG.

With all the efforts, women SHGs in Tamil Nadu has emerged as a force to reckon with and 92 lakh members have so far been enrolled in 6.08 lakh SHGs across the state.

Benefits of the Amma Mobile Scheme

Each SHG are made available trainers to monitor the progress of the members. The SHGs trainers have to maintain various records and registers regarding all the activities of SHGs. They also have to keep details of meetings, keep records of savings, payment, payment of

They also have to keep details of meetings, keep records of savings, payment, payment of the loan, internal credits and much more.

A special software in Tamil loaded in the mobile will facilitate them to store such details and monitor it with ease.
Panchayat Union level federations are with 20 to 25 SHGs under its purview are formed that co-ordinate with SHGs.

Members of SHGs who are experienced and capable are selected as trainers. They held meetings; train new members form new groups. The Amma mobile scheme one the welfare schemes launched by Tamil Nadu government.

Amma mobile scheme will help SHGs in a long way to better functioning of SHGs.

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