How to Apply for Baristha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana

By | June 19, 2017

Barishtha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana Odisha

Bunkar Yojana Odisha: Weaving is one of the oldest professions for many in Odisha. Here we will discuss on how to apply for Baristha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana and features of the scheme and eligibility criteria for applying.

Bunkar Yojana Odisha

According to the survey report, there are about 1.5 lakh weavers in the state and about 78% of them are women who are engaged in handloom productions such as tie and dye, Sambalpuri, Khandua, Maniabandha, and Bomkai etc. About 8,000 weavers are above 60 years of age.


With the industrial revolution, much of the work that was being done manually is now done with help of machines.

Many of the bunakars meaning experienced weavers still do not use any kind of machine and do create a masterwork.

The financial condition of many weavers in the state is not good.

To sustain and encourage the weaving industry, the state government runs various welfare schemes that include handloom weavers comprehensive scheme, northeastern region textile promotion scheme, yarn supply scheme, Bima Yojana, and many others.

With a view to helping sustain elderly weavers, Odisha Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik has released a welfare scheme for elderly weavers of the state, a scheme known as Barishtha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana on a 7th August, a National Handlooms day.

The government has allocated about Rs 5 crore annually to the scheme. It is aimed to help elderly weavers with financial assistance in the form of monthly pension

Features of the Scheme

  • The scheme applies to elderly weavers who are above 60 years.
  • The monthly pension of Rs 500 will be given to those above the age of 60 years, whereas Rs 700 to the weavers above age 80.
  • The pension will directly be deposited to the bank account of beneficiaries.
  • About 8000 weavers will get benefits of the scheme.
  • The pension will be provided to all weavers above 60 irrespective of gender or caste.
  • The government officials will also conduct site specification surveys to get the review of conditions of weavers in the state. Textile inspectors will also visit individual families of the weavers and know about problems faced by the weavers and how their livelihood can be improved.


The eligibility criteria to get the pension under the scheme are:

  • She/he is a resident of Odisha
  • She/he is above 60 years of age
  • She/he must have worked for at least 20 years as a weaver
  • Barishtha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana is a step forward in helping elderly weavers of the state with the monthly pension. It will help them with the better life.

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