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By | August 22, 2017

Muktidhara Scheme Application 2017 – Self Help Group West Bengal

Self Help Group Self Employment Department West Bengal: Here we will discuss on how to apply for Muktidhara Scheme West Bengal. In a bid to provide sustainable livelihood to the self-help group members in Bengal, the state government in association with NABARD has launched a scheme named Muktidhara.

Muktidhara Scheme West Bengal

The scheme was launched by Chief Minister of the state, Mamta Banerji on 7th March 2013. More and more people are encouraged to take benefit of the scheme as a means to get the opportunity to earn more.


Objectives of the Muktidhara Scheme

  • To create self-help communities in the rural areas of all the districts in the state. The scheme plans to develop 850 such SHGs.
  • The scheme is aimed at self-employment. It includes training for cultivation methods, mono cropping etc.
  • It aims to ensure that every individual at least earns Rs 3,000 a month. It emphasizes women empowerment.
  • The scheme aims to provide steady earning and eradicate poverty.
  • It specifically targets to empower financially backward classes of the people in the state. Women and youth are specifically encouraged to get the benefit of the scheme.
  • To improve the economy of the people in the state through self-help groups and self-empowerment schemes.

Features of the Muktidhara Scheme

  • The scheme supports micro, small and medium enterprises in the state.
  • It promotes the formation of self-help groups to for the mutual benefit of all the members involved in the group.
  • The self-help groups are encouraged to start up small scale business. Farming and dairy related work are promoted. They are encouraged for better livelihood activities such as homestead garden, poultry, goatery, apiaries, make plates from sal leaves etc.
  • The self-help group registered under the scheme is provided training and assistance for various tasks and includes field training. District administration will arrange and impart such training.
  • They can avail the loan of up to 1.2 lakh for starting up a new venture.
  • The funding for the scheme is provided by the state government, whereas the training for the different task is provided by NABARD.
  • They will also be provided the material needed to do certain kind of job work.
  • The scheme was first launched in the Purulia district on a pilot basis. Then it is extended to other districts.

Muktidhara is a move forward to make rural people organize in self-help groups and make them self-dependent. It is a step forward towards providing sustainable livelihood and better socioeconomic condition of the people living in rural area of Bengal.

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