Atal Innovation Mission/Tinkering Laboratories/Incubation Centres Online Application Status

By | July 26, 2017

Atal Innovation Mission/ Atal Tinkering Laboratories/ Atal Incubation Centres Online Application Status

With a view to promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Central Government has launched Atal Innovation Mission (AIM). The scheme was announced on 28th February. An initial fund of Rs150 was allocated to it.

atal tinkering laboratories (atl)

Objectives of the Mission

  • The scheme is aimed to provide a platform for Self-Employment and Talent Utilization (SETU).
  • The mission promotes world-class Innovation Hubs and encourages start-up businesses.
  • It also encourages self-employment activities, the specifical emphasis is laid on technology driven areas.
  • The mission is to inculcate innovative minds and involves academicians, researchers, and entrepreneurs.
  • It is targeted to foster a culture of innovation, research, and development.
  • To set up tinkering laboratories and incubation centers in schools.

Features of the Mission

  • It provides support and mentoring to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • It provides innovative a platform on which innovative ideas can be implemented in a fruitful way.
  • The scheme provides funding for the start-up business to youth.
  • The scheme promotes research activities on innovations which will work towards economic growth and employment generation. For this, funding is provided to a network of institutions for conducting result oriented research activities on innovations. It is to bridge the gap between research and its commercial applications.
  • It works towards approaching industries and network with them to enable the research work to be utilized for benefit of the society.
  • New institutions and research centers will be set up across the country.

Benefits of the Scheme

The scheme will foster culture of scientific research and convert it into business idea,
It will promote self-employment and new business set up.


Atal Tinkering Laboratories

Public, private trusts and management schools can establish tinkering laboratories. To establish such laboratories, they can apply to Niti Ayog. School children studying in class VI to class XII can join activities under it.

Features of Atal Tinkering Laboratories

The scheme will showcase young talent and innovative ideas.
Tinkering laboratories will provide children an opportunity to research and develop scientific Aptitude through simple do it yourself kits.

The students will get lots of tools and equipment to understand concepts of science, maths, and technology. They can explore the field of robotics, 3D printers, sensors, electronics etc.
Various workshops and seminars under the scheme will provide exposure to the innovative ideas to students.

Atal Incubation Centres (AIC)

AICs can be set up by higher education institutes, corporate houses, industrial and technological park etc. It can be set up in a private, public or in a private-public partnership mode. Funding will be provided for setting up such new AICs or scale-up already existing AIC.

AIC will help an individual entrepreneur to develop the enterprise. It will provide support and infrastructure to new start up and grow a business. AICs are area specific and cater to health, sanitation, water, agriculture, manufacturing, transport etc.

Atal Innovation mission will foster young mind with innovative ideas and support for start-ups. It will also provide lots of opportunities for research and creative ideas to develop into business ideas through Atal Tinkering laboratories and Atal Incubation centers.

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