Balri Rakshak Yojna – Punjab Government Schemes for Girl Child

By | June 17, 2017

Balri Rakshak Yojna – Punjab Govt.

Infant mortality rate in India is quite high. It is more for the girl child. It is a matter of serious concern and needs immediate attention. Punjab state government is aware of this for the years and has taken various initiatives to help with it.

Punjab government schemes for girl child

The state has also launched various welfare schemes to help girl child as well as for women empowerment.


With a view help reduces infant mortality rate in the state, Punjab Government has launched a scheme known as Balri Rakshak Scheme and running since 2005. One such scheme was launched earlier too but was closed then due to financial hurdles.

The scheme is implemented by State Department of Health and Family Welfare.

Objectives of Balri Rakshak Scheme

  • It is aimed to reduce infant mortality rate in the state.
  • It also focuses on promoting birth of girl child to improve skewed sex ratio in the state.
  • The scheme is to motivate couples to opt for terminal methods of sterilization, so that population growth rate can be checked.

Eligibility for the scheme

To avail benefits of the scheme, following criteria must be satisfied.

  • The family is one of the non- income tax payer.
  • The family has adapted two child norms.
  • The family has one or two girl child, no male child.

Benefits of the Scheme

The benefit of the scheme is offered to the girl girls of the family.

A girl can get benefit of the scheme till she turns 18 or till one of the family member becomes become income tax payer.

A monthly financial assistance of Rs 500 is given if the family has one girl child and Rs 700 in case of two girls. The amount is directly transferred to nationalized bank account or post office.

The Balri Rakshak Scheme is a step forward to encourage birth of girl child, her health and growth.

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