Benefits of Drinking Fenugreek Seeds Water – Methi Use in Ayurveda

By | January 8, 2018

Health benefits of drinking fenugreek seed water

Methi Use in Ayurveda: Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory properties. By soaking fenugreek seeds in water, it’s nutritional value increases. Hence it is more beneficial to drink fenugreek water than eating fenugreek. For making it, soak fenugreek seeds in a cup overnight. Next morning strain this water and drink on empty stomach. Ayurveda expert has listed benefits of drinking fenugreek seed water every morning. Let us have a look at them.

Fenugreek seed water

Benefits of drinking fenugreek seed water

Relief from constipation

Drinking fenugreek seed water every morning improves digestion which in turn solves the problem of constipation.


Healthy skin

Fenugreek seed water is rich in anti-oxidants. This helps in keeping skin healthy.

Relief from diabetes

Amino acid present in Fenugreek seed water maintains insulin level in the blood which in turn helps in controlling diabetes.

Helps in weight loss

Fenugreek seed water is rich in fibers. Drinking it on daily basis helps in controlling the weight of the body.

Improves digestion

Fenugreek seed water is rich in anti-oxidants and fibers. Consuming it daily removes toxins from the body and hence improves digestion.

Healthy heart

Fenugreek seed water is rich in potassium. This maintains sodium level in the body that keeps blood circulation proper and keeps heart healthy.

Controls acidity

Fenugreek seed water has nutrients that help in maintaining the acid level in the body. This solves the problem of acidity.

Relief in viral fever

Fenugreek seed water has anti-bacterial properties that and hence consuming it gives relief in viral fever.

Avoids cancer

Fenugreek seed water has fiber that removes toxins from the body. Hence by consuming it, one can avoid colon cancer.

Relief in high BP

Fenugreek seed water has potassium that helps in proper blood circulation. This controls high BP.

Above points make it clear that Fenugreek seed water is very healthy for the body. Consuming it daily keeps one away from many diseases. Hence to remain healthy, include fenugreek seed water in your daily routine.

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