Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana for Public Transportation in Remote Areas of Odisha

By | June 20, 2017

Biju Patnaik launched Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana

News on Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana: People living in remote areas of Odisha have hardly means of transportation. Many of such areas don’t have even roads to support transportation. People living in this area belong to backward classes and as they find it difficult to connect to urban areas, they also find it hard to earn the livelihood as well as get access to basic amenities such as health services, education etc.

Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana

In a bid to provide public transportation in remote areas of Odisha, Chief Minister of the State, Biju Patnaik launched Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana in February 2014.


Features of the Scheme

  • The scheme is aimed to connect the remote area of the Odisha through adequate transportation facility.
  • Under the scheme, several bus routes have been formed. Many roads are being constructed and government buses have started running on the road. It targets to form 1180 bus routes in the state.
  • In the first phase of the scheme, 118 blocks were identified in 12 districts of the state having poorest transportation in the state.
  • The first bus under the scheme was flagged off from Koraput bus stand by the Chief Minister.
  • The 2nd phase of the scheme is to cover tribal area and areas affected by Maoist are to be covered. 30 more districts will be covered under this phase.
  • Buses run under the scheme are exempted from road tax and permit fee for the period of 5 years.
  • To promote transportation under the scheme, the loan is provided to buy a vehicle to be used for public transportation. Such loans are available for the period of five years and 5% subsidy is given.
  • To make people aware of the road safety and importance of driving license, an awareness campaign is also run.

Benefits of Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana

  • The Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana offers several benefits. Better roads and transportation facility helps the economic progress of the state.
  • With transportation facilities, students can go out easily to get a better education. Better education offers opportunities for better employment.
  • With connectivity to the developed area of the state, people from remote areas can go out for work.
  • Construction of roads provides employment to many. More vehicles for public transportation require more bus conductors and drivers and thus provide more employment in the area.
  • Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana will help bring people from the remote area to the mainstream. The scheme will pave the way for growth and development of the state!

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