Blind Student Insurance Policy Scheme for State of Kerala

By | June 20, 2017

Blind People’s Insurance Scheme in Kerala

Best Insurance policies for the physically challenged people: Kerala has the highest literacy rates in India and the state don’t want blind students in the state lag behind. The State of Kerala has launched a Blind Student Insurance Policy Scheme in efforts to provide life insurance and financial assistance to the blind student and raise their morale alike. The scheme was announced by the Local unit of National Association for Blind (NAB) at a function held to observe the 208th birth centenary of Louis Braille.

Blind Student Insurance Policy

Under the scheme, 700 visually impaired students will be provided financial assistance and life insurance so that they can live better.


Aim of the Scheme

  • The scheme is aimed to help blind live with dignity and confidence. Blind people usually don’t get employment as they can’t see. And it is difficult to get insurance coverage for unemployed. The life insurance provided by the scheme will give them feeling of security.
  • Financial assistance will make them feel less dependent on others and it will help them take life positively. With the assistance provided, they can develop the skill to offer them.


  • The student is enrolled in the State of Kerala
  • The student is visually impaired by birth or lost vision due to accident or trauma.
  • The insurance policy for the blind in Kerala is facilitated by Amway Opportunity Foundation, a social liabilities wing of Amway India. Amway contributes to charity and is committed to the social cause.

Benefits of the Scheme

The policy will be helpful to those blind students who do not have eyes or have lost vision due to accident or disease and are unable to get employment. They will be provided financial assistance and covered for life insurance.

Since the Kerala government has the record of all the blind students in the state, nobody has to apply for it. The government takes care that the benefit reaches to them all.

NAB also had organized a Braille reading and writing, music and quiz competition at its organization on the Braille day. 81 visually impaired students had participated in the various competitions. NAB also distributed Braille calendar to all the beneficiaries of the scheme.

A scheme like financial assistance and life insurance policy for blind students are boon to blinds and provides them feeling of security. It also provides blinds psychological support and other can also follow with this kind of scheme for the welfare of blind.

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