Bunkar Mitra Phone Number – Helpline Centre for Handloom Weavers

By | June 30, 2017

Bunkar Mitra-Handloom Helpline Centre Phone Number – Indian Textiles Ministry

Government Helpline for Handloom Weavers: In the wake of difficulties faced by handloom weavers, the government has established a helpline called Bunkar Mitra to help them resolve any issues concerning weaving or their job in the weaving sector. The announcement was made by Union Textile Minister of India, Ms. Smriti Irani on 25th December 2016.

Helpline Centre for Handloom Weavers

MSD Pvt. Limited has been hired the responsibility of setting up the hotline. To select the agency to set up the helpline, the online bidding process was taken place.


Aims of Bunkar Mitra

  • To help improve skills of the handloom workers
  • To take care of various functions related to the handloom weaving
  • To make the work of weavers more proficient
  • To make the weaving more profitable.
  • To provide the weavers more opportunity
  • To encourage more people to join and get the better livelihood.

Important Services through Bunkar Mitra

The Bunkar Mitra helpline provides various services to the weavers. Some of them are:

  • It provides them information about how to financial credit to support various handloom weaving related projects.
  • It assists for buying raw material and other compounds needed for the weaving. It provides access to market linkages.
  • It provides guidelines for quality control and technical aspects related to weaving.
  • Weavers can get information regarding various government schemes provided for benefits of weavers
  • The hotline offers plenty of information on various aspects related to handloom weaving. All the information is up to date and is updated regularly. Many lines have been set up dedicated to tasks such as shipping of products, producing raw materials etc.

How is it implemented?

The functioning of Bunkar Mitra Helpline is under the Textile Ministry of India.

About 28 Bunkar Mitra service centers have been set up which operate Bunkar lines at various locations. It will be very helpful to weavers in the rural area. Earlier the weavers had to visit the physical service centers to get any help.

Now the introduction of the help lines will save their time and they won’t have to travel to the center.

To get the help, weavers will have to call at 1800-208-9988. The line can be accessed between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every day from being anywhere in India.

The helpline is made available in various languages that include Hindi, English, Tamil and many more languages. Weavers can select a language easy to understand by them.

Bunkar Mitra will help weavers in various ways to solve their issues better equipped for their work and better livelihood.

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