How you can get to know that you are victim of identity theft?

By | June 29, 2019

In the age of information technology the incidence of hacking and cyber crime or identity theft is increasing day by day. It becomes very dangerous today. Your personal data could be misused and it will impact serious on you, your health and your personal image in the society or employment. Here are some strategies given which will help you to get to know in which way you become victim of identity theft. Just follow these steps and be alert about identity theft:

Identity theft

Some signs of identity theft:

  • You may get calls regarding accounts which you never opened
  • Your credit card bills stop coming suddenly without any reason
  • You get bills for accounts you never opened
  • You find errors on credit card and your bank statement
  • You are denied for a credit card or loan application
  • Unexpected charges on your account
  • Charges are incurred for goods and services that you never purchase in your account
  • You may receive notice for loan which you never owed
  • Missing documents or important cards
  • Receive unexpected mails from the unauthorized sources
  • Unexplained withdrawals
  • You may receive medical bills for the services you never used
  • Insurance company deny your claim as it shows the records that you have already got insurance benefits
  • Get errors in your social security account
  • Sometime you get to know that your email account locked out
  • Incidence of cheque bouncing
  • Tampering with your mail
  • You can’t access your account
  • Receive credit cards for which you didn’t apply

What steps to be taken when you become a victim of identity theft?

  • If you become victim of identity theft for any reason which are explained above you should take some preventive steps as it is very risky and dangerous too. It will create harm for you as it is regarding banking, credit, taxation, employment benefits, government, criminal or medical.
  • You should check your financial statement immediately after receiving any unexpected information. Check your internet virus protection software or app and always keep updated it. Don’t ignore these kinds of unexpected email or messages or call as it will prove dangerous for you.
  • If you receive any fake information regarding your bank account you should contact your bank or financial institution immediately.
  • Don’t ignore any fake information as prescribed above. Be alert and productive and contact the right party in right time before any danger incidence incur.

Always be alert and never afraid of this. Go ahead and take some preventive steps to become victim. After all it will harm you, your credit and your employment and much more.


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