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Solar Rooftop Government Scheme Application – Installation Cost

Solar Rooftop Panels Government Scheme Application – Installation Cost India Solar rooftop lease agreement/application: In efforts to find alternative sources of conventional energy sources, the government is promoting solar rooftop panels that can be installed on rooftops. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) under the government has also launched an online portal where… Read More »

Swasthya Samiksha Mobile App to Track Women’s Reproductive Health

Swasthya Samiksha Mobile App Swasthya Samiksha Mobile App for MP’s: Addressing issues related to health services, especially for women during pregnancy and maternity, Government of India is taking various measures and new initiatives. Death of women during pregnancy as well as child mortality rate in India is a serious matter of concern. And main cause… Read More »

Marriage Certificate Online Application Form, Required Documents and Registration Office

Process to Get Your Marriage Certificate Online – Required Documents and Registration Office The marriage certificate is a legal proof of your marriage and an important document. You need it for various reasons, be it opening a joint account, applying for a joint home loan, applying for couple visa etc. It is a legal proof… Read More »

Make in India Registration Process to Set Up Manufacturing Establishments in India

Pradhan Mantri Make in India Registration Process to Set Up Manufacturing Establishments Make in India registration process: To make India economically powerful and a developed nation, our honorable Pradhan Mantri is working on all fronts and coming up with many visionary missions and launching various schemes to implement. One such campaign is ‘Make in India’.… Read More »

Salary in Cash Banned – Payment of Salary through Bank Account

Salary Only through Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer/ No salary in Cash – Government Ordinance No more salary payment in cash: The Central Government passed The Payment of Wages (Amendment) Bill 2017 which enables the Centre and state governments to specify employers to pay wages only through cheque or by transferring money into bank accounts… Read More »

Participating in the Project of School Nursery Yojana

School Nursery Yojana Growing number of industries and deforestation has affected our environment drastically and climate change has become a serious cause for concern. We can say our mother earth is in danger. By growing trees, we can help control pollution, prevent environment depletion and make the environment green. School Nursery is a small step… Read More »

PM Gold Monetization and Pradhan Mantri Gold Bond Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Gold Monetization and Bond Scheme Gold Monetization Scheme Gold Monetization Scheme is a gold deposit scheme launched by Pradhan Mantri on 5th November 2015. It is targeted to mobilize unused gold hold by families and institutions and make its investment vehicle. The scheme aims to turn gold into the productive asset. It also… Read More »