Cycle Vitran Yojna Bihar – Mukhya Mantri Balika Cycle Scheme

By | July 22, 2017

Bihar Free Cycle Distribution 2017 – Mukhyamantri Cycle Yojana

Cycle Vitran Yojna Bihar: Literacy rate of the Bihar state is very poor. And it is worst for the girls. Dropout ratio for the girls in the state is also quite high. Here we will discuss on Mukhya Mantri Balika Cycle Yojana. The government of Bihar is much concerned about the poor scenario of education in the state and has taken various initiatives and launched schemes to improve it.

cycle vitran yojna Bihar

In an effort to reduce dropout ratio of girls as well as promote girls education and women empowerment in Bihar, Chief Minister of the state, Nitish Kumar has introduced a Balika Cycle Scheme since 2006. After the introduction of the scheme, percentage of dropouts has reduced significantly. The CM feels the Yojana has given ‘wings to aspiration of girls’.


Features of Mukhya Mantri Balika Cycle Yojana

  • The scheme is aimed to encourage girls to go to school for studies and check a number of dropouts. It also helps families to educate their girls as having a cycle doesn’t save them expenses for traveling to school. Many families even can’t afford the traveling expenses and as a result, they don’t prefer to send the girls to school. It also saves time as many times girls from rural areas have to travel a longer distance to reach school.
  • Under the scheme, school girls of class IX and X are given free cycle or Rs 2000 to buy a cycle on her own.
  • The benefit of the scheme is provided to all the girls in the state irrespective of category, class, caste, religion etc.

Mukhya Mantri Balika Cycle Yojana has been implemented for a long time and shown positive results of it. More and more girls are attending schools now. Even the situation regarding a number of days for which girls remain absent in the school has improved. The ratio of the dropouts from school has reduced significantly.

In the year 2006, about 2.5 million cases of girls dropouts for school, which reduced to 1 million in the year 2012. And it is consistently reducing.

The Mukhya Mantri Balika Cycle Yojana in Bihar is a move ahead in the state government’s commitment to its people, education of girls, women empowerment and better livelihood.

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