Different Types of Modern and Classical Sculptures

By | May 26, 2018

Four Different Kinds of Art Sculptures

Sculpture is the oldest form of removing material from in wood carving or stone sculpture. By this art we create different types of sculptures. For example, we can see old civilization’s stretches. This the best example of art sculptures. There are various types of art sculptures famous. Today many form of sculptures is define. There are some modern and classical sculptures divided into several types.

Four Different Kinds of Art SculpturesRelief

Relief is an art of sculptures. In relief sculpture, it is impress sculptured material and rise above background plane. Relief is a two dimensional background of sculptures. It is a very oldest art. Relief also has 3 types. First is down relief sculpture which is based on how far out from the two dimensional background. Second is bas relief which has very low degree of relief. You can see this sculpture in famous buildings “the Parthenon” in Greece. And last type is alto relief. It has high degree of relief.

Free-Standing Sculpture

A free-standing sculpture is a sculpture that is surrounded on all sides except the base by space. It is also known as sculpture “in the round”. It represents this sculpture recognizable to people. You can see sculpture in any angle around of work. Free standing Sculpture throughout time was Greek, Roman, Medieval and Classical eras. Example of this sculpture is Glykon’s Hercules which located at Los Angeles. Free-standing sculptures are still being used for revere the achievements and legacies of important historical figures.


Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic art is an art that move or depend on motion effects. It is based on power of wind, water or mechanical power. The best example of kinetic sculpture is fountain. It lives with shapes and form of water. Kinetic art has a wide range of overlapping techniques and styles. It is also contains virtual movements.

Assemblage Sculpture

Assemblage is a modern form of sculpture. It is connect sculpture pieced together and made relationship between each other. It is known as “non traditional sculpture”. Because is made of re combining found object. The important thing to know about assemblage is that it is “supposed” to be three-dimensional and different from collage which is “supposed” to be two-dimensional.

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