Dudharu Pashudhan Suraksha Yojana Registration Fees 2017

By | July 24, 2017

Mukhya Mantri Gramin Dudharu Pashudhan Suraksha Yojana Haryana

Dudharu pashudhan Suraksha scheme insurance policy: Haryana has a rich livestock wealth and a large number of residents in the state are engaged in rearing milch animals and dairy farming. Haryana state government has introduced Mukhya Mantri Gramin Dudharu Pashudhan Suraksha Yojana to provide universal livestock insurance plan since 1st January 2014.

animal insurance policy

It covers all animals in the state with compensation for permanent production and reproduction losses to its owners. The scheme is implemented as a part of security measures to farmers of the state that rear milch animals. The scheme is sponsored by Government of India.


Features of the Scheme

  • The scheme is implemented by state Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department.
  • All eligible animals are covered under the scheme.
  • Under the scheme, owners of milch animals can ensure their animals for a sum of Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 for free.
  • If an animal secured under the scheme dies for specified reasons, the owner will get the sum assured as compensation.
  • The owner of the animal will have to get his animal registered with the Veterinary Surgeon of his area by paying annual registration fees of Rs 100 per animal. The Veterinary Surgeon will register, tag the animal and take digitalized photo of the animal with its owner. He will also take care of getting it recorded at the government hospital.
  • The goats in milk will be registered at Rs 25 and tagged. A digitalized photographed with the owner will be taken and a record will be maintained.
  • Malicious/ willful injury causing death, accidents or intentional slaughter, theft, death due to electric current, natural calamity, owner’s negligence etc won’t be considered for compensation.
  • If the animal dies within 15 days of registration, then also the insurance won’t be offered.

Eligibility criteria for insurance under the scheme

Different criteria are specified for different species. It is as shown in the table given below:

Animal Lactation Yield Age Sum assured
Exotic Cattle 1,500 kg – 2,000 kg
> 2,000 kg
< 10 Rs 30,000
Rs 40,000
Indigenous cattle 1,500 kg – 2,000 kg
> 2,000 kg
< 10 Rs 20,000
Rs 30,000
Buffalo 1,500 kg – 2,000 kg
> 2,000 kg
<12 Rs 40,000
Rs 50,000
Goat 0865Kg. per day Rs 3,000

The scheme is very beneficial to the owner of milch animals. If any losses occur, the compensation provided can help them recover and start again.

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