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By | October 7, 2017

Bhulekh Web Portal Gujarat – e-Dhara Land Records Map 7 12 Online

e-Dhara Gujarat Land Records Map: Here we will discuss on how to get 7/12 No Utaro online. With a view to providing easy access to land records digitally, an e-Dhara system has been introduced by Government of India. It is a Land Records Management System which provides immediate access to the issuance of any Record of Rights (RoR) across the state. The e-Dhara project is implemented and executed under the guidance of Revenue Department of Government of Gujarat.

e-Dhara Gujarat Land Records Map

Land records are important documents as land is the primary source of sustenance for people. The manual system of keeping land records is very cumbersome and is much susceptible to manipulations. e-Dhara is an effort to efficient administration, sustainability and quick delivery of land records.


Objectives of e-Dhara System

An e-Dhara project is to achieve complete computerization of land records. It eliminates a need of manual land records. Main objectives of e-Dhara Gujarat Land Records Map system are:

  • It provides easy and accurate land records to farmers and citizens.
  • It infuses transparency in services.
  • It offers ease of administration, maintenance and updating of land records in a scalable manner.
  • With computerized records, one can’t tamper with the records.
  • It reduces ROR delivery time and no malpractices.

Features of e-Dhara

  • e-Dhara centers have been set up at every Taluka Offices. The offices are provided workflow-based software (BhuLekh Soft). It takes up regular activities which include mutations and issue of RoR.
  • Village Panchayats have been connected with the internet to Taluka Centers and Village Computer Entrepreneur (VCE) can send requests for RoR on behalf of the landowners who are in need of RoR.
  • BhuLekh can provide various information such as mutation application, land use statistics, details about crops and irrigation, agriculture census etc. Queries can also be made regarding farm name, survey number, Khatedar name etc.

Benefits of e-Dhara

  • It facilitates e-Governance in rural India.
  • Farmers and landowners can get computerized copy of their RoR by paying nominal fees.
  • Mutation request can be processed easily.
  • It offers transparency and chances of tampering of land records are reduced.
  • MIS data recorded can be used for future planning and land reforms. It can also be used with spatial survey and survey settlement activities.
  • It makes it easy to validate as well as use land records.

e-Dhara system is a great initiative which has been welcomed by all sections of people and the project has received awards for best e-Governance project. It facilitates speedy delivery of computerized records of land records to landowners and checks many illegal practices.

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