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By | September 5, 2017

eBasta Scheme Wikipedia – eBooks through eBasta Portal

eBasta Scheme Wikipedia: eBasta scheme has been launched as a part of Digital India initiative which brings publishers, schools, teachers, and students on one platform. It is an earnest effort to provide access to books digitally to school students.

Pradhan Mantri eBasta Scheme

Students can access e-books through the eBasta portal on their laptop; tablet or smartphone. eBasta is an online portal run and managed by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, C-DAC.


The eBasta provides a framework to make school books accessible as ebooks to be accessed on tablets and laptops. It facilitates publishers and schools easy management of books and provides the content digitally.

Main Features of eBasta Scheme

  • Publishers upload study material on the portal.
  • Schools according to their class and curriculum will compile books. Students and teachers can download the books on their device and can access the content.
  • Schools and its teacher’s pre-set necessary access for books to the students.

Benefits of eBasta

  • eBasta provides convenience to publishers as they can upload content which can be customized by schools according to their curriculum.Publishers can provide audio, video, text etc. to make learning easy and fun.It also helps publishers in various ways. They can just upload their material, get feedback, and make necessary changes. They can easily update their content, add new content. It offers them much freedom and ease.
  • As schools can compile their books, it provides them much freedom on what they want to include and how they want to present. It also offers control to schools on what content access is to be provided to its students.
  • eBasta provides the convenient tool to teachers as they can download and get the content they are in need of according to their requirement.
  • School teachers and students find it easy to access necessary content electronically.

The eBasta app

In order to access content on the eBasta portal, one has to download the eBasta app on their device. The students just have to download necessary content. The content is pre-set and configured by their respective schools and can be downloaded anytime.

eBasta is an innovative and great initiative. It will bring changes in the way study material is delivered to schools, teachers, and students. Publishers also welcome the move. eBasta is a need of the time and will definitely improve the way of imparting study material and education to school students.

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