Flax Seeds Nutritional Values, Uses and Benefits

By | January 4, 2018

Flax Seeds Nutritional Benefits and Side Effects

Flax seeds are beneficial for health. Many diseases can be kept away by consuming flax seeds. One should keep it at home as it is a very good home remedy for heart attack and diabetes.

Flax Seeds Benefits

Let’s have a look at benefits of flax seeds:


Tea made with flax seed is useful in a cough

Tea made with the help of flax seeds is very useful in treating cough. It is necessary to keep in mind that flax seeds powder should be added in water and kept at low flame. Keep the mixture on gas till it becomes half the quantity. This mixture is more beneficial when sugar, jaggery or honey is mixed in it and consumed.

Flax seeds keep heart attack away

It saves from heart ailments. Fibers present in the flax seeds naturally lowers the cholesterol in the body. The cholesterol accumulated in the arteries gets reduced due to it and blood flow becomes better. This reduces the chance of heart attack.

Cancer patients should consume flax seeds

Due to high nutrient content, flax seeds are very beneficial to cancer patients also.

Flax seeds in asthma

Flax seeds should be consumed by asthma patients. 1 teaspoon of flax seeds should be added to the half glass of water and this water should be consumed after straining in morning and evening. If this mixture is consumed in glass or silver glass then benefits are increased further.

Children should consume flax seeds

It also releases energy in the body. On consuming it in times of weakness, energy is obtained and hence weakness is removed. When flax seeds are mixed in equal quantity with honey, coconut powder, milk powder and dry fruits, it forms a great energy food for children. This is very useful when kids are tired. Kids get relief from muscle tiredness fast with this mixture.

Flax seeds and diabetic patients

Flax seeds are very beneficial to diabetic patients. It has high carbohydrate and very less sugar. Diabetic patients can mix it in the flour and hence consume it in rotis. Flax seeds reduce the necessity of insulin. Due to these patients with diabetes mellitus gets relief.

Flax seeds and obesity

Flax seeds are also useful in reducing weight. People who are obese should consume it to reduce their weight.
The person consuming flax seeds should consume more water. It has the high amount of fiber which increases the demand of water in the body. More water, better health. So why to wait long, start consuming it and convince others too to consume it daily. Flax seeds are beneficial to people of all age group and hence people of any age group can consume it.

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