Forgot Skype Username, Password; How to Recover It?

By | April 17, 2018

How to Recover Skype Username and Password?

To login with Skype, username and password are the main requirement. It becomes difficult to open an account without these two. If user Forget Skype Username or Password or both, here are few tricks to recover it.

Forgot Skype Username, PasswordSkype is free voice call and instant messaging site that allows users to communicate with people by voice call, video call by using a webcam, and instant messaging from Internet. Calls to other users that also using Skype service is free of charge, while landline calls and mobile phones are chargeable but at low cost. It also provides other important features like file transfer and video conferencing.

Forgot Skype Username:

It will take few steps to recover Skype Username. The procedure is very easy and recovers username in few minutes only. First option is ask any friend or relative or someone else who you know and in contact on Skype to recover a lost Skype username by using their account. This is the easiest way to get lost username. That person will see your username in their Skype contacts list. To see the name, right click on name and see Skype username from personal profile.


There is also another option without interact with anybody. User can recover it by using email address provided to Skype page while creating an account. Go to Skype page, enter email (registered with Skype while signing up initially) and click on “send email”. The system will send a Skype Name Token by sending an email. A temporary code link will be provided to enter in following the link in the email to recover Skype username.

Forgot Skype Password:

Password recovery is as easy as recovery of username. To recover Skype Password, go to Skype recover page. Write the email address generally using for signing up for Skype send mail.

Within few minutes, email will be received in inbox. User can see a password from there. If not found password in inbox for few minutes, check spam folder. A system will provide a link to login, click on the link provided in the email and copy and paste the recovery code contained in email. The page will access and from there, user can reset and change password. Choose a new password and remember it. Person can also write down password and put at safe place.

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