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By | June 4, 2018

What is Gift Card?

Usually Gift card is issued by banks or retailers. It’s a restricted monetary equivalent and used as an alternative to a non monetary. It looks like a credit card. It has a specific number or code as it is used by anybody. It has a magnetic strip which is accessed by an electronic credit card machine. A holder of the gift card can spend up to the value of the gift card at any store if there is no specification where to use.

Gift CardHere are some tips given while you are buying gift cards as prescribed below:

  • Generally gift cards have no expiration date. If you purchase the anything of the amount less than the amount of gift card the balance still remains in it. Usually it can be used in the store from where it was purchased. Many issuers of the credit cards issue the gift cards.
  • Whenever you buy gift cards make sure the sources from where you buy is trustworthy and known. Never buy gift cards from online auctions website. There may a fraud include.
  • First you should read the fine print before going to buy any gift cards. If you think that there are many limitations or terms & conditions imposed you should not buy it.
  • Make sure the gift card you buy is perfect and codes on the back site of the card are not scratched off. If there is any damage, inform the store from where you bought it.
  • Always be aware of the expiration date of your gift card. Keep all information of gift card safely and make a safe use of it. Read all terms and conditions of the card before making its use.

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