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By | June 30, 2017

Goa Grant Scheme for Students of Local Language Schools

Goa Grant Scheme Schools: Here we will discuss on Goa Grant scheme for students of local language schools list and application process. To impart education in mother-tongue or other languages as medium of instruction has always been debated.

Goa Grant Scheme Schools

One strong point of learning the local language is that learning is easier and it is faster to understand concepts explained in mother tongue and there is a less burden to learn a new language at an elementary level. With all its positives and negatives aspects, the fact is that there is a backdrop in a number of students taking education in local languages.


The Government of Goa encourages learning in local language and has taken a policy decision to provide incentives to impart education in mother-tongue.

To promote education in local languages Konkani and Marathi in Goa, the State Government has introduced Goa Grant Scheme which provides the grant of Rs 400 to each student for 10 months who study government schools with

Marathi or Konkani as a medium of instruction.
The Government had provided a one-time grant of Rs 12 lakh and Rs 1 lakh annual grant for following five years to improve infrastructure and develop resources to the primary schools in the state in the earlier scheme.

Key Features of the Scheme

  • Under the scheme, a special grant of Rs 400 will be provided every month to aid students of primary schools having Konkani and Marathi as Medium of Instruction.
  • The monthly assistance will be provided for 10 months.
  • The government has allocated a fund of Rs 6.56 crore for the 2016-17 because towards the scheme.
  • The scheme has been introduced to encourage local languages Konkani and Marathi.
  • It is mandatory that the medium of instructions is either Marathi or Konkani in the school.
  • The scheme applies students studying in government aided primary schools.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Elementary and primary education in local languages – Marathi and Konkani will be promoted.
  • It will develop better infrastructure and amenities in schools imparting education in mother tongue.
  • Learning will be easier for the students.

The drawback of the scheme is that currently the assistance is provided to government aided school only, and not any private school can get the benefit of it. Again it only aids elementary and primary schools and secondary as well as higher secondary schools are not included. It targets only two languages, Marathi and Konkani.

The Goa Grant Scheme is a genuine effort to promote education in local languages in the state!

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