iPhoto for Windows PC – How can I open iPhoto Library on Windows 10?

By | April 24, 2018

iPhoto for Windows Computer – Open iPhoto Library on Windows 10

An official version of iPhoto for Windows PC is not available still. However, people can use their alternatives like Windows Essential and Picasa for organizing photos in gallery. iPhoto for Windows PC download is not possible. Here are some discussion, features and advantages of this special software which only available to Apple products.

iPhoto for Windows PCiPhoto is an exclusive and special photograph application software designed by Apple inbuilt with every Macintosh Personal Computer (Mac). It can import photos, organize, edit, print and share them. Its iOS version for mobile device is also so popular among users for its professional tools and best performance. It includes editing features like color correction tools, photo effects, cropping and straightening tools. iPhoto for iOS also used for creating books, calendars, cards and ordering prints. It can create “Photo Journals” known as collages and also it can be also shared and uploaded to iCloud service (available on iPhone).

Can you download iPhoto for PC?

iPhoto is a product by Apple specially made for their Mac computers, including iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Apple also launched iPhoto version exclusive for iPhone and iPad. This mobile app synchronizes all photos but doesn’t work as on Mac. Apple computer have more facilities and functionality than on mobile device. Downloading iPhoto for PC is not possible because this software is exclusive for Mac computers only and user must gain this advantage by owning a Mac.


iPhoto is a special software for pictures that organizes all photos by date, by events and also allow tags faces on images. It also can recognize faces of user and his/her friends and search through entire photo library and find the face of friends. To use this facility, in the beginning user have to guide the computer to recognize faces. However, no one can download the popular photo organizing and editing app for Personal Computer other than Mac.

iPhoto for Windows

As same as other computers, people cannot download iPhoto for Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or Vista computer. Apple has design this software for its manufactured PC only. The logic may switch people to Macs in future.

Then also, people are crazy for iPhoto and want to use anyhow. However, Macs are expensive related to other similar products. The easy way to get iPhoto is to buy a cheap Mac Mini or get a few year old Mac Mini for less dollars.

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