IRCTC Dynamic Pricing Trains – Surge Pricing for Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi

By | September 28, 2017

Surge Pricing Model in Railways – Dynamic Fare Pricing Train Booking

What is dynamic fare in Rajdhani: The Ministry of Railways introduced the Flexi-fare system from 9th September 2106 for Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi trains. The prices can go up 50 percent above the existing base price. The other charges will remain same. At present, there are about 42 Rajdhani trains, 46 Shatabdi trains and 54 Duronto trains running across the country.

Dynamic fare For Indian Railways

Under the new Flexi fare system, only the first 10 percent tickets will be sold at the current fare. After that, it will go up by as much as 50 percent above what you pay today.


How the Fares will be affected

The Flexi fare will apply to the tickets sold after 9th September. It will not apply to the tickets booked before that and they won’t have to pay any difference. Following shown is how the fare will be affected:

  • The first 10% tickets will be sold at the base price.
  • With every 10% of the tickets sold, the fare will increase by 10%.
  • The Flexi fare system will apply to 2S, sleeper, 2AC, and 3AC; 1AC and Economy class won’t get affected.
    Vacant seats at the time of charting will be offered at the current booking price i.e. it will be sold at the last price at which the tickets were booked in that particular class.
  • While booking, if the fare for the lower class is getting higher than the fare for the higher class, the passenger will be informed of it before booking is done.
  • A reservation chart showing the last price of the ticket fare for all the class will be displayed.
  • Tickets in Tatkal category will be sold at 150% of the basic fare; the limit to the tatkal quota will remain same.
  • There is a ceiling of 50% hike in the fare. For 2AC and Chair Car, the maximum hike limited to 50%, whereas for 3AC, it is 40%.

The Flexi fare system is introduced on the experimental basis and will be reviewed after a short period. Based on that, necessary changes may be made. It is aimed at raking in Rs 500 crore in a year. The surge system has found strong support from many quarters.

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