IRCTC Sarathi Sewa for Free Wheel Chair at Railway Stations

By | December 14, 2017

Indian Railways Sarathi Sewa for Free Wheel Chair at Railway Stations

Sarathi Sewa, first introduced in Konkan Railways, is extended to other stations across the country by IRCTC under Railway Ministry. Under Sarathi Sewa, IRCTC provides assistant and support to the physically challenged and old people free wheelchair and assistant at railway stations.

Sarathi Sewa by Indian Railways

Other paid services such as battery operated cars and porter services are also offered. The Sarathi Sewa was announced in January 2016. Indian Railways also plans to convert all the railway stations into commercial hubs and provide other convenience to the rail travelers.


Features of Sarathi Sewa

  • The wheelchair service with an assistant is provided for free.
  • The services will be extended to retiring room facilities too. Earlier the rooms were being provided on 12 hourly bases, now it will be availed on hourly basis too.

To get the service, you need to SMS name, details of the train on the mobile no 9664044456.

The Old or physically disabled can get this service. The service is to be booked before the train reaches the particular station where the service is desired. They will be received at the coach and accompanied to the exit gate and vice-versa. The other paid services such as battery operated car and porter services will also be provided in a similar way.

Modern Amenities

The Indian Railways has announced several facilities in near future. It will have child’s menu on its food list. Hot water, hot milk, baby food etc will be made available at railway stations. The train toilets will have changing boards for babies.

The train will have modern and smart coaches which will include automatic doors, comfortable seats, bio-vacuum toilets, Wi-Fi services, vending machines, LED lit boards and GPS which will indicate next coming stations.

Some special trains will have skilled staff in uniform which will help and provide services to the train passengers.
Sarathi Sewa is a great help to the old and disabled people traveling in a train. It will also relieve their family members of worries!

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