Join Gramin Vikas Ke Liye Tarun, GRAVIT Yojana in Haryana

By | July 1, 2017

Join GRAVIT Yojana in Haryana

Unemployment is a major issue among the youth in Haryana. The state Government of Haryana is much concerned about it and with a view to improving job scenario, it has launched various schemes. Here we will discuss on GRAVIT Yojana 2017.

GRAVIT Yojana in Haryana

To face the problem of unemployment, ensure development and growth in the State of Haryana, State Government has launched Gramin Vikas Ke Liye Tarun, GRAVIT Yojana, and Shikshit se Saksham ki Ore Yojana on 23rd January 2017. The schemes are aimed at improving their skill and get the better livelihood.


With the GRAVIT Shikshit se Saksham ki Ore” scheme, the government wants to provide the maximum benefits of the scheme to its people.

The main objective of the scheme is to provide training for skill development to the poor people of the state and thus contribute towards better living in rural as well as an urban area of the state.

The GRAVIT scheme is much similar to Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana by the Central Government and works on the same principles which focus on decreasing poverty in the state by imparting various Skill Development and Skill Upgradation Training for self-empowerment.

To make the Yojana reach to a maximum number of people in every village and make it successful, the government has chosen a team of 60,000 Panchayati Raj Institutions representatives (PRI) and trained them.

They have to undergo three-month certification course. It has been ensured that only educated people are selected as PRI for it.

This team of 60,000 youth will assist in achieving the goal of the Yojana that is set to provide all amenities in villages at par with cities. The government is very hopeful that it will bring about the major transformation in villages, create employment, offer better livelihood, and the benefits of the Yojana will reach to people at grass root level.

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