Mantra of Success – What Separates Winners from Losers

By | May 25, 2019

Winner’s Edge – What Separates Winners from Losers

There is no specific “Mantra of Success”. I have thought about a question a while, what are the factors that make winner different from losers. Successful people are who make their future by winning the goal set by them. Everybody wants to fulfill their dreams in the way they desire. But everybody can’t get whatever they want. Winners always think in different way from the losers.

Mantra of Success

Everyone wants to succeed in life but despite of number of efforts made but everyone can’t achieve whatever they want. Here we are talking about winners that how they are different from others.


Following are the factors which make winners separate from losers as mention below.

  • Determination power
  • Strategies and planning nature
  • Hard working
  • Self confidence
  • A win-win nature
  • Always focus on the things whatever they want
  • Time management
  • Positive thinking
  • Always being practical
  • Never give up nature
  • Makes commitment and mean it
  • Always go through problem not go around it
  • Always expect learn more and more
  • Learn from mistakes made by them
  • Always think about possibilities other than impossibilities
  • Always make efforts to do whatever they want
  • Dream very high and follow dream
  • Great thinking power
  • Always give priorities to their goals
  • Having a humble and helpful nature
  • Think about personal development
  • Through the fear by SWOT analysis
  • Take actions consistently
  • Give more than they take
  • Believe in own self
  • Constantly expand their comfort zone
  • Give best to whatever they decide to do
  • Give 100% dedication to achieve the goal
  • Though fail hundred time but never give up
  • Work to make things different
  • Define their own success path


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