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By | April 30, 2018

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme –

MGNREGA job card account check: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, MGNREGA is a social security scheme that offers the livelihood to rural people of India.

MGNREGA job card

It ensures 100 days of wage-employment to each household if an adult member of the house volunteers to do labor work. Check card holders list on


The scheme is earlier known as NREGA that guarantees 100 days work under the act The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005. The law was implemented in 2006 in 200 districts of India which was extended to the entire nation by 2008. Let’s get help on job card account check.

The scheme is aimed at providing employment in the rural area. An adult who registers for it is guaranteed minimum 100 days of non-skilled work in a financial year. NREGA was later renamed as MGNREGA.

How is MGNREGA Implemented?

It works on wage-based model meaning there is no monthly salary, workers are paid on daily basis. There are certain factors that dictate minimum daily wages such as the number of hours of work a day, the difficulty level of the work and daily sustenance cost which is decided by economic conditions.

Details about MGNREGA Scheme

MGNREGA is designed to provide livelihood security in rural India and implemented with certain regulations. The work provided usually includes creation and maintenance of rural assets and protect the environment.

It aims at security to rural people. Guidelines are provided by the government about nature of the work that can be done under MGNREGA that includes development of harvesting and water conservation facility, construction of roads to connect rural areas, construction of Panchayat Bhavan and Rajiv Gandhi Sewa Sadan, tree plantation, afforestation, irrigation projects, flood control measures, tank de-silting, land development etc.

There is a regular monitoring and reviewing of the implementation of the act by the state government.

Main Features of MGNREGA Yojana

  • The act is applicable to whole India except Jammu & Kashmir.
  • It guarantees 100 days wage employment in a financial year.
  • An adult member meaning a person who has crossed 18 years of age can apply for employment under MGNREGA. A family head or any adult from the family can apply.
  • It offers various kind of unskilled work.
  • There is no gender difference for employment. Minimum 33% workforce must be women.
  • All employed are issued job cards; records of their work is maintained on it.
  • Minimum wages will be paid to the employed. The wage rate is provided by central Government but it is specific to each state. Payment is directly deposited to post office or bank account of the beneficiary.
  • If the applicant can’t be provided an employment within 15 days of application, he will be provided with unemployment allowance which can’t be less than 1/4th of the wage rate in the first 30 days of the financial year and not more than ½ of the wage rate for remaining days of the year.
  • If one doesn’t accept the work or doesn’t report to the work within 15 days or remains absent from the work for more than a week without permission is not eligible to get the unemployment allowance.

How is MNREGA being executed?

Principal authorities for planning, implementing and executing MNREGA schemes are Panchayats at district, intermediate and village level.

According to the MNREGA guidelines, each district formulates a perspective plan. The district administration prepares annual shelf of projects which ensures that each village has an adequate approved shelf of projects of at least five works. The project detail includes technical and financial estimates, plot number of the sites where work is to be carried out, how the project would benefit the local community etc.

The project detail includes technical and financial estimates, plot number of the sites where work is to be carried out, how the project would benefit the local community etc.

In order to maintain transparency of the work, district programmers have different block programmers working under them and each block programmers work in coordination with Gram Panchayat and Gram Sabha.

Socio-Economic Implications of MNREGA

MGNREGA is the largest social security scheme in the world that guarantees rural households right to work.

The average wage rate per person for the year 2016-17 was Rs. 161 and about 235 crore person-days of work were provided during the year.

It has helped rural poor to come out of poverty and not-so-poor to get supplement income.

The scheme has been inclusive with significant participation of women and SC/ST. About half of the jobs have been created for women and 40% for SC/ST.

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