Narmada Sanrakshan KaryaYojana History – Madhya Pradesh

By | August 23, 2017

Narmada Sanrakshan Abhiyan & River History – नर्मदा संरक्षण कार्ययोजना

Narmada River History: River Narmada passes through Madhya Pradesh and is a major source of water for irrigation and other purposes. The river can be considered as the lifeline for the farmers of Madhya Pradesh. Here we will discuss on Narmada Sanrakshan Abhiyan MP.

Narmada Sanrakshan Abhiyan

The Narmada is considered a holy river and people take bath in it for religious reasons. With the development of Madhya Pradesh tourism, more and more people visit the places situated on the bank of the river. With increased activity, the water of Narmada is getting more and more polluted. If not checked, it is dangerous for the state. The government of Madhya Pradesh foresees the potential danger and has taken steps to protect the river as well as the environment.


Narmada Sanrakshan KaryaYojana has been launched in the year 2009 to save the river but was not implemented for a long time. The current state government has taken a bid to protect the river. Rs 13, 00 crores have been allocated for the Yojana. The scheme plans to cover villages, towns, and cities located on banks of the river drainage water and sewage lines containing polluted water.

Main Features of Narmada Sanrakshan KaryaYojana

  • Narmada conservation rooms have been set in every municipal council to monitor and control water pollution. The Yojana is divided into two phases. In the first phase, Rs 500 will be allocated; whereas the 2nd phase is allocated Rs 800 crore.
  • The scheme also includes shifting of cremation places a km away from the river bank. All the liquor factories situated on the river bank are ordered to build water treatment plants before releasing the waste water.
    Massive plantation drive has also been planned on the banks of the river.
  • To take the movement to the mass, Narmada Seva Yatra has been started from 11th December 2016 and it will cover 1050 km distance. A core group of 50 people will head it. Many officials from the various government departments will be assigned various duties. Several institutions will also participate in the Save Narmada Campaign. Representatives from all sections of the society will join the mission. People will walk through the area except for desert region. They will clean Ghats on the banks and cultural programs will be organized. People in all the area will be made aware of the problems and all the institutions of the society and individuals from all walk of the life will be appealed to join the Save Narmada Campaign. Participants of the Seva Yatra will be assigned unique code so that they can be identified.

Narmada Sanrakshan KaryaYojana, if implemented well, can save the Narmada, the environment and the people living on its banks.

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