Nava Kerala Mission Haritha Keralam by Chief Minister of Kerala

By | August 25, 2017

Nava Kerala Mission – Kerala is the state with highest literacy rate in India. Kerala tourism has also been promoted well and tourist from all over the world visit there to enjoy the natural beauty of the state. To place Kerala on the world map, Kerala State Government is taking many robust steps and coming up with various schemes for its development.


For better growth and development of Kerala state, Chief Minister of Kerala has announced Nava Kerala Mission on 10th November 2016. There are four projects under the mission which seeks to address issues related to health, education, housing, sanitation, waste management and organic farming. This mission will be undertaken through local self-government institutions.


Haritha Keralam

This project envisages a clean Kerala. Under this project, many waste management programs will be taken up and various sanitation schemes will be implemented. Initiatives will be taken to protect water resources. Much emphasis is laid on the sustainable agricultural development and organic farming will be promoted. It is also planned to take up several steps for agriculture development and promotion of organic farming for the considerable increase in paddy and vegetable production.


With a view to providing medical treatment at reasonable expenses, this scheme aims at improving amenities and quality of health services. It will also provide medicine at low cost, government hospital will be made patient-friendly and no poor will be ill-fated to get medical treatment.


Life scheme aims to provide housing to all homeless people. The scheme is proposed to build houses for about 4.32 lakh families in the state for those who are homeless and don’t own any land too. A whopping amount of about Rs 6,000-6,500 crore is allocated to implement the scheme. The Life mission also includes providing livelihood and empowerment of its people in next five years. In the urban area, housing complexes will be built because of land scarcity. One member of each family will be provided skill training to get employment.


Comprehensive Educational Rejuvenation program has been prepared to strengthen the educational system and at least 1000 schools in the state will be developed to meet international education standards. Access to education, health facilities, social security and elderly care will be made available to all. Youth will be imparted IT education, English language learning, skill development etc.

Nava Kerala Mission is a very ambitious initiative and it will transform the lives of people over there and holds promises for a better future!

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