Nirman Shramic Pucca Ghar Yojana Registration Form Odisha – Labour Card Online Apply

By | August 26, 2017

Nirman Shramik Online Registration Odisha – Labour Card Application 2017

Nirman Shramic Pucca Ghar Yojana Registration Form: Odisha Government has launched Nirman Shramic Pucca Ghar Yojana to meet housing needs of building and construction workers of the state. A fund of Rs 1000 crore will be raised to meet the requirement for implementing the scheme. The Odisha Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board has raised a fund of Rs. 750 crore by means of collecting cess from various government constructions towards the scheme.

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A large population of Odisha state is associated with building and construction work. Many of them migrate to another state for the work. Such migrant workers are also considered under the scheme and provided the benefit. The Odisha state government is much committed to the welfare of the construction workers the pucca house scheme is one of such welfare mission.


Features of the Nirman Shramik Scheme

  • The new house to be constructed must cover at least 25 sq. feet carpet area excluding toilet.
  • Non-IAP beneficiaries of the scheme will get Rs 1.2 lakh, whereas IAP beneficiaries will get Rs 1.3 lakh to build a unit. A family is considered as a unit for providing the financial assistance.
  • The house is to be constructed on the own land of the beneficiary or a family member.
  • The district labor officer is the final authority for selecting the beneficiaries.
  • The board will release the fund to the Panchayat Raj Department, which will open a bank amount in the name of the beneficiary and the fund will be transferred to it.

Eligibility for Nirman Shramic Pucca Ghar Yojana

To be eligible for the scheme, the building, and construction worker has to satisfy following criteria.
Construction workers who are registered under the Odisha Building and other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board who don’t own a pucca house.

  • The workers haven’t availed benefits of such other housing scheme from the state government or central government.
  • A building worker whose age is between 18-60years and is registered under the RE&CS act with the Odisha
  • Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board at least for last 3years.

Strategy for implementation of the scheme

The scheme will be implemented under the control, guideline, and supervision of district collector.
The house will be constructed by the beneficiary himself and the size and design of the house will also be as preferred by the beneficiary. The fund to the beneficiary will be released in four installments according to the stages of construction.

On completion, the beneficiary will have to fix a display board on the front wall indicating the name of the scheme, name of the beneficiary, year and cost. The house under the scheme is to be completed in a year.
Nirman Shramic Pucca Ghar Yojana will assist building and construction workers in fulfilling their dream of a pucca house of their own! The scheme will be beneficial to thousands of homeless construction workers of the state.

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