Palna Scheme for Abandoned Newborns Uttarakhand

By | August 30, 2017

Palna Yojana for Abandoned Newborns

Palna NGO/Anath Ashram: Unfortunately India is a country where newborns, specifically girl child, are thrown into dust bin, on a heap of garbage or just abandoned for reasons unknown. Cases of female feticides are also increasing at alarming rate. It is the pathetic situation which demands social awareness. Uttarakhand government is much concerned about such abandoned newborn and committed to doing all possible to stop such inhuman practice. In a bid to take care of the unfortunate abandoned child, the state government has introduced a Palna scheme.

Palna NGO/Anath Ashram:

At inauguration ceremony on 3rd October 2015, Chief Minister of the state, Harish Rawat said that she will be raised as the daughter of Uttarakhand itself.


He also appealed to the people to stop such shameful act. Palna scheme has started from Nari Niketan, Kedarpuram and a Palna fitted with a bell was kept at the main gate. The scheme is extended to other parts of the State in steps.

The state government will adopt newly born abandoned children for any reason. The authorities will place cradles at selected places throughout the state so that parents can leave babies there if they desire so to the care of the State Government than abandoning them anywhere.

The initiative is a first of its kind and an earnest effort to check infanticide and abandoning of newborns. And babies won’t be forsaken to die. The government will take care of them fully and will also protect them.

The scheme is to be implemented in phases and 400 cradles are placed across the state in the first phase under the scheme. State department of women empowerment and child welfare will look after such babies.

Palna Scheme in Uttarakhand is an honest effort towards the social cause and taking full responsibility of bringing up abandoned newborns.

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