Perkins and Will Architect of ‘Antilia’: Mukesh Ambani House inside Photos

By | July 13, 2018

Perkins and Will Architect of Ambani House ‘Antilia’: Mukesh Ambani House Interior Pictures

Perkins and Will Architect of 'Antilia'

Mukesh Ambani home interior photos and architect of Ambani house: Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is a most famous Indian business magnate. He is the Chairman, Managing Director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). His name counted in 5th richest person in the world and he ranked at 37 in the list of “The World’s Most Powerful People List. There are many people searching for Mukesh Ambani House inside photos, interior pictures and name of their main contractor‎ and architect. Let’s check all in detail at here.

Mukesh Ambani home interior photos


Antilia (is the name of Island, it had an innovative story) is the name of Mukesh Ambani’s House. Antilia is known as the most expensive home in the world. And for maintain the house there is 600 members’ staff. It contains 27 floors; each floor has an extra high ceiling. As a normal height it contains 60 floors. So u understands that it has very different and amazing look. It has also a facility for protection from 8-richter scale earthquake.

Antilla interior

There is a private theater including 50 people seat and on the roof of the theater is a terrace garden. There is ‘snow world’ which name is ‘ice room’, for enjoy cooling in summer days. There are three helipads on “air space floor,” where control center of the helicopters. There is underground parking for 160 cars. There are also health floors, on that floors swimming pool and gym, and balconies with outdoor gardens. The tower has total 9 fast elevators that service the various floors. And in the elevators also a different facility is there are separate elevators for guests and the Ambani family members.

On the top of the house Ambani’s private residence because Neeta wants more sunlight and see a natural view of Arabian Sea. On the sixth floors they park their own cars, which are a large area because Ambani have 168 cars and that park together. They have many Cars so they think to start their own service centre on seventh floor.

Video tour of Antilia Mumbai

Neeta Ambani says about their house is the concept behind the house is ‘the lotus and the sun’ (as told to Vanity Fair). But there is no right Vastusastra, so Ambani’s family doesn’t live there, only sometime they slept there. But Ambani conform that they live there from September 2011.

We have thinks after read all above things, how much it was beautiful and amazing. It’s not less than heaven. This is a luxurious most beautiful and highest expensive home in the world.

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