Puducherry Financial Aid Scheme for below Poverty Line Patients

By | June 27, 2017

Financial Aid Scheme for PBL Patients in Puducherry

Financial aid for below poverty line patients: Though all the modern medical facilities and treatment are available in India, health Index of people in India is poor. Although the medical treatment is offered at the comparatively low price, the majority of Indian can’t afford it due to poverty. To help the people get medical treatment and lead a healthy life, Government of Puducherry runs Financial Aid Scheme for PBL Patients.

Puducherry Financial Aid Scheme

The scheme provides financial assistance for medical treatment to poor patients suffering from life-threatening disease such as cancer, kidney/organ transplantation, leukemia, trauma cases, cardiac diseases etc. The government executes the scheme in association with the health department.


Medical Relief Society under the preview of the Health Department takes care of it. The Medical Relief Society was established in 1998 aimed at providing financial assistance to patients below the poverty line who are in need of special treatment for their ailments. It even considers treatment given in hospitals outside the Union Territory.

People who live below poverty line in Puducherry can approach hospitals in the state to find out if they qualify for it.
Under the scheme, Puducherry has increased medical aid to BPL families by Rs 50,000. Earlier the aid was Rs 2 lakh, now it is Rs 2.5 lakh. Patients suffering from the life-threatening disease are given financial aid under this scheme.


Eligibility criteria are as given below.

  • A patient whose annual income is below Rs 150,000, earlier the limit was Rs 75,000.
  • She/he is suffering from the life-threatening disease.
  • He/she is born in Puducherry as well as is a resident of Puducherry.
  • He/she has valid ID.

How to apply for financial aid under the scheme

The eligible patient can approach government hospital and apply for it by filling up a required application form. The form is to be submitted along with diagnosis report and necessary documents. The government authorities at the hospital will review the application and information about its approval in few days. The assistance can be availed once in a financial year.

Benefits of PBL Scheme

  • It will help the poor family cope up with medical expenses which were otherwise almost an impossible task.
  • It will improve health conditions of people in Puducherry.
  • The poor families will have some more money to fulfill basic needs of food, clothes, and shelter.

Financial Aid Scheme for PBL Patients in Puducherry is a good initiative and helps poorest of the poor get medical treatment. It helps them live healthy and better life and is a great relief in that they don’t have to worry about how they will meet medical expenses if someone from the family develops life-threatening disorder or disease.

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