SSB Interview Procedure an Overview

By | February 25, 2019

SSB interviews are for officer posts in Indian army, navy and air force. These interviews are conducted by selection service boards. It is a five days procedure. Anyone who is willing to join as officer in any of the three forces must have to go through this selection process. Here we will discuss on SSB interview preparation.

SSB Interview

How to appear for the SSB Interview

There are two ways to appear in SSB interviews. In the first method you have to apply and qualify in the entrance examination such as National defence academy and naval academy examination, combined defence services examination, Air Force common admission test etc. The second way is you can apply for various army, navy and air force courses. There are various courses and candidates are shortlisted according to their academic performance.


SSB Interview Procedure

There are two stages of the SSB interview selection.

Stage 1: It is basic screening stage and one has to go through two tests known as in this stage.

  1. Verbal and nonverbal reasoning test
  2. Picture perception and description test

Stage 2: Candidates who get through first stage only have to go through second stage. It includes three different tests.

  1. Psychological Test: This test again is conducted with four different tests such as thematic appreciation test, Word association test, situation reaction test and self-description test.
  2. Group Testing Officer Test: This test is conducted for two days and includes nine different tasks that includes group tasks, half group tasks, lecturette, command task, individual obstacles etc.
  3. Face to face interview: This like a regular interview. The candidate has to be in direct conversation with the interview officer and it generally lasts for 35-40 minutes. It is mainly focused on the personal questionnaire form filled up by the candidate.

Conference: This is held on the last day. On this day fate of the candidate is decided. All the candidates have to appear one by one in front of the complete board of officers that comprises of the President, the Vice President, Group testing officers, psychologists, technical officers etc. The candidate will be asked questions about their stay at the SSB, whether they went out and if so with whom, the food served at the mess, any suggestions etc.

Once the board meeting with every candidate is over, the result is declared in half an hour. The selected candidates have to stay there to fill up necessary forms. Even they might be asked to stay for medical examinations. Candidates selected for flying branch have to stay there for pilot aptitude test and battery test.

If you are interested in career with defence forces and serve the nation, be prepared to go through SSB interview.


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