Swasthya Samiksha Mobile App to Track Women’s Reproductive Health

By | November 24, 2017

Swasthya Samiksha Mobile App

Swasthya Samiksha Mobile App for MP’s: Addressing issues related to health services, especially for women during pregnancy and maternity, Government of India is taking various measures and new initiatives. Death of women during pregnancy as well as child mortality rate in India is a serious matter of concern. And main cause behind it is poor health facilities and poor nutrition to them.

Tracking Women's Health MPs

A mobile application Swasthya Samiksha has been launched on 24th November 2016 aimed to help Member of Parliament (MP) to track women’s reproductive health. With this app, MPs can keep track of women’s health in their constituencies.


The app includes maternal health-related indicators that help them oversee maternal health and accordingly they can work towards providing health care facilities and treatment to improve women’s health. It is the initiative taken under Digital India scheme.

The app Swasthya Samiksha has been developed in collaboration with White Ribbon Alliance India, Center for Catalyzing Change and Swaniti Initiative, to help the MPs oversee the maternal health-related indicators in their constituencies.

Main Objectives of Swasthya Samiksha App

  • The app aims to engage MPs actively in paying attention to women’s maternal health.
  • Based on the data provided on health indicators, MPs can take corrective measures to ensure better health.
  • It uses information technology to provide real-time health data at the district level in an easily and conveniently accessible.
  • In an experimental phase, the app has been initially launched in four states; Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It will provide district-wise data. It will be extended to all the states in a later phase.
  • It is also aimed to raise demand for institutional deliveries.

Members of Parliament can play a pivotal role in monitoring maternity health of women in their constituencies. They can take the challenges and work towards improving better health facilities. The Swasthya Samiksha App can be of much help to them in their initiative.

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