Tejaswini Scheme Jharkhand 2020 – Rural Women’s Empowerment Programme

By | October 24, 2020

Tejaswini Project in Jharkhand – Rural Women’s Empowerment Programme

Tejaswini Rural Women’s Empowerment Programme: In a move towards empowering women in Jharkhand, the state government of Jharkhand in association with World Bank has launched a scheme known as Tejaswini Scheme in June 2016. Tejaswini is the first World Bank project in India aimed at the welfare of young girls and women.

Tejaswini Scheme

The goal of the scheme is to enable poor women to make use of opportunities in the economic, social and political arena for enhancing well-being.


Main Objectives of Tejaswini are to be achieved through

  • Creating strong and sustainable SHGs and SHG apex organizations. These organizations will provide economic and social support to its members.
  • Help them build up financial security and get access to related services such as savings, credit and insurance services.
  • Provide them with opportunities for better livelihood with enterprises, market linkages and support services.
  • Provide them access to informal education, labor-saving infrastructure and participation in local governance. The scheme also promotes government policies for women empowerment.

Main Features of the Tejaswini Scheme

The scheme is for 5 years. It offers support to adolescent girls and women in the age group 14-24 to complete their secondary education and acquire skill to get them employment.

Under this scheme, Rs 540 has been allocated. Out of this, Rs 378 crore will be provided by World Bank, whereas the state government will allocate Rs 162 crore. The State has set up 48 posts to impart skill training to girls and women. By imparting training, the state wants them to get better employment opportunities and better livelihood.

By imparting training, the state wants them to get better employment opportunities and better livelihood.
It will empower adolescent girls and women with secondary education and market have driven skill training.

The scheme is implemented in select 17 districts of the Jharkhand state where ‘Kendriya Sabla Scheme’ is not already running. Tejaswini Yojana primarily targets ST and SC girls. 680,000 adolescent girls and women are likely to get benefit from the scheme.

The scheme will be implemented at community and at the institutional level. At community level, counseling, guidance, livelihood support and life skill education will be provided, whereas institutional level will impart vocational training, business skill and education in partnership with several institutes on contract.

Life education skill includes mainly four elements:

  • Resilience and Soft Skills: It focuses on problem-solving approach, setting of a goal and techniques to remain psychologically strong in any adverse circumstances.
  • Rights and Protection: Make them socially aware of rights and protection related to early marriage, child labor, violence etc.
  • Health and Nutrition: To educate them about reproductive health, nutrition for herself and children, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Financial literacy: To make them literate about daily financial activity such as numeracy, budgeting, banking, accessing credit etc.

Tejaswini Scheme is a step forward in empowering women in rural areas of Zarkhand where access to education and livelihood is less. It will help them and their families with better opportunities and better life!

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