TNSTC Free Bus Pass Application Form for School Students

By | September 18, 2018

Apply for Free Bus Pass Scheme for School Students in Tamil Nadu

TNSTC Free Bus Pass: Tamil Nadu Government is much committed to the education of children in the state. Various initiatives were taken by Jaylalithaa Government to promote education and care has been taken that all the students get educated in the state.Check details for the free bus pass for college students or school students in Tamilnadu.With a view o provide easy access to education and reach the school comfortably, a Free Bus Pass Scheme to school children of the state was launched on 18th July 2016 by the then chief minister Ms. Jayalalithaa.

TNSTC Free Bus Pass

School Education Department will implement the scheme and see that benefits of the scheme reach to all. All the districts of the state are covered under the scheme. It is likely that 31.11 lakh students will get the benefit of the scheme in the year 2016-17. Let’s check all detail for TNSTC Free Bus Pass Application.


Features of the Scheme

  • The scheme is aimed to provide free transportation services to school going children.
  • Free smart card bus passes will be issued to the school students. Students will have to carry the smart card to travel by bus for going to school.
  • The benefit of the free bus Pass is availed in the State Corporation buses only.
  • Students going to attend primary to middle school in the age group 6-14 will be provided benefits of the free bus pass scheme.
  • The total estimated cost for the implementation of the scheme for the year 2016-17 is Rs 504.31 crore.
  • Students studying in private as well as public school can get a benefit of the scheme.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • It will cut down the cost of education to the students as travel expense will be saved.
  • It will save time to many students who otherwise can’t afford to pay for the bus transportation.
  • The students will reach the school safely and on time.
  • It is very beneficial to the rural students who have to travel long for going to school.

How to Apply for Smart Card

It is very simple. Students have to submit the duly signed application form and written application from parents along with photograph and proof of residence to the school authorities.

The application will be processed immediately and smart card with the validity of 5 years will be issued.

Free Bus Pass Scheme School Students in Tamil Nadu is a blessing to the poor who many times either can’t afford or provide means to their children for traveling to school.

Such schemes are also set examples to other states for providing easy access to education and welfare of the society.

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