Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Garlic – How to Eat Garlic Recipes

By | December 23, 2017

How to Eat Garlic for Health Benefits

Garlic is used while cooking food but one cannot deny the fact that it has medicinal properties too. It has taste as well as is good for health. Let’s discuss top 10 health benefits of eating Garlic and how to eat recipes. Eating garlic not only increases the immunity of the body but also act as medicine in many contagious diseases.

Health Benefits of Garlic

It has many medicinal properties and hence many call it as the doctor at home. Let’s have a look at benefits of eating garlic:


Keeps cholesterol and blood pressure normal:

Early morning, on empty stomach consuming one garlic clove with water, keeps cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose level in blood in control. Garlic can either be swallowed or chewed.

Keeps heart problems away:

If you have any heart ailment, boil two garlic cloves in milk. When the mixture is cooled down consume this. Consume this in evening and morning for few days for relaxation. Regularly consuming five garlic cloves is beneficial to health.

Gives relief from cough and cold:

Add few drops of garlic juice on cotton and smell this, it gives relief in cold and cough. One can also make the garland out of garlic cloves and place it around kid’s neck for faster relief in a cough and cold.

Helps in getting rid of white hairs:

Mash 5 garlic cloves with water and add 10 grams of honey into this. Consume this for few days in morning and evening. This helps in getting black hairs. You can also add crushed cloves in oil and massage this oil on your scalp. Hair fall can be controlled with this mixture.

Helps in preventing acne and pimples:

Garlic helps in preventing acne and pimples. Crush two garlic cloves and add the small amount of turmeric into this. Apply this on the affected area to get relief.

Helpful to asthma patients:

In a hot ginger tea add two crushed cloves of garlic and give it to the asthma patient. This is beneficial to them.

Helps in avoiding respiratory problems:

If your child has a problem in breathing, give them gas roasted cloves for relief. This will solve the breathing problem and will relieve the child.
Increases immunity

Boil garlic in milk and give this milk to kids to increase their immunity. This will keep them away from many diseases. In case of loss of appetite eat 2-5 garlic cloves in the morning on empty stomach.

Helps in curing the Whooping cough:

Garlic is very beneficial in whooping cough. For the relief of whooping cough, add a pinch of rock salt in garlic juice and give it to the patient.

Relief in gas:

If there is swelling in the body or formation of gas occurs, then consuming garlic is very beneficial.
Other important uses:

In case of pain in the body, add 5 grams of garlic in 50 grams of mustard oil with 5 grams of carom seeds, 5 grams of ginger powder and 5-7 cloves and boil the mixture till black. Strain the oil and store it in the bottle. Apply this oil in painful areas and massage. It is very beneficial in relieving the pain.

In case poisonous insect bites, apply the garlic juice to the bite for instant relief.
If a person gets unconscious due to hysteria, add few drops of garlic juice in the nose for instant relief.

In epilepsy, one spoon powder of garlic clove should be dissolved in water and be consumed half before and the half after the meal will be beneficial. In case a person has soriasis, oil with garlic should be mixed with cream and applied to the skin.

To reduce weight, add 2 cloves of garlic in warm water with few drops of lemon juice. This should be consumed in morning and evening.

In case of an earache add 2-3 drops of warm oil with garlic into the ear to get instant relief.

In case of pneumonia, roast 5-7 garlic cloves till black and mash this when cooled. Apply this mixture to patient’s chest for relief.

In case of fever, crush 3-5 cloves of garlic and mix it with honey and consume for relief.

Above mentioned uses make it clear that garlic not only enhances the flavor of food but also is very beneficial to health. Adding it to daily routine will not only increase the immunity of the body but will also keep it healthy by keeping many diseases away.

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