Two Wheeler Driving License Form – RTO Gujarat Online Appointment

By | December 19, 2017

Process to get Driving License Gujarat State

It is mandatory that you have a driving license if you want to drive a vehicle on the road. In order to learn driving a vehicle, one needs to obtain learner’s license first.

Get New Driving License

Transport Department of the State Government issues the driving license. There are certain rules and regulations to be followed to get the license. Here we will discuss how to fill two wheeler driving license online form, RTO Gujarat online appointment and online registration process.


Process to Get New Driving License

In order to get the driving license, the applicant needs to get learner’s license first. An applicant has to fill up required form (Form No. 2/4) and submit it along with necessary documents and pay required fees.

Eligibility to apply for a driving license

An applicant must have completed minimum 16 years of age for gearless 2 wheeler and 18 years of age for 2 wheelers with gear, car and other non-transport motor vehicles. For transport vehicle driving license, the minimum age required is 20 years and one year experience of driving a light motor vehicle is needed.

Documents Required

  • Proof of Age: You have to provide one document for proof of age. You can present your birth certificate, school leaving certificate, passport or PAN card as a document for proof of age.
  • Proof of Address: You have to provide one document for your proof of address. It can be your voter id, telephone bill, electricity bill, passport, receipt of house tax etc.

Obtain Learning License

In order to get learner’s license, you have to give a computer test. 15 multiple choice questions regarding traffic rules and regulations are asked. Minimum 11 answers must be true to pass the test. Once you pass the test, you are issued a learner’s license in the category you have applied for.

Once you have a learner’s license, you can appear for permanent driving test after 30 days and within 6 months time period. You have to pass the driving test compulsory to get the permanent license.

To add another category to your existing license

You can add another category to your two-wheeler driving license by applying for it. If you satisfy eligibility criteria, you can apply for it. You have to fill up form – 8 and pay required fees. You have to get learner’s license, you are exempted from computer test. To get the permanent license, you have to appear for a driving test.

Renewal of Driving License

The driving license is valid for certain period of time. The date of expiry is written on the license. One has to renew the license before it expires. A grace period of 30 days is given to renew the license.

If you are renewing your license after it expires, you are exempted from the test, if you are applying within 5 years of time period. Otherwise, you will have to re-appear for the test.

An application form-9 is to be filled up for renewal and submitted with necessary fees. If you are applying after it expires, you will have to pay late fees.

Apply for International Driving License

The international driving license can be issued to Indian citizen for the time period of one year. One can also apply for the international driving license. The applicant needs to fill up form – 4 and submit it along with the medical certificate, copies of your driving license, passport, visa and three copies of the photograph. You will also have to pay fees for it.

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