Village Social Transformation Mission Maharashtra Fellowship and Recruitment

By | December 8, 2017

Village Social Transformation Mission Maharashtra

The government of Maharashtra launched a Village Social Transformation Mission based on a public-private partnership model. The mission is aimed at developing 1,000 most backward, tribal-dominated villages of the state.

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Ratan Tata, Rajshree Birla, Amitabh Bachchan and many others have joined in this mission and will contribute towards this social cause and development of the rural community. Here we will discuss on village social transformation foundation recruitment and fellowship news.


The mission involves a trust of government, corporate sector, and NGOs regarding finances, resources, technology, and knowledge needed for it. It has been first launched in 100 villages on 2nd October 2016. It is the first mission of its kind in the country. It is mainly focused on gradually bridging the gap between the rural and urban area of the state through sustainable socio-economic growth.

Objectives of the Village Social Transformation Mission

By Village Social Transformation, the government means to make sustainable development in the villages through improving water, land, and jungle of the villages. It is to be achieved through the scientific planning of water resources and conservation, agriculture, skill development, better health, and education etc.

Implementation of Village Social Transformation Mission

25% of the villages are to be selected from tribal area whereas remaining villages are selected according to low Human Development Index. The strategy of the scheme is finalized by government council headed by Chief Minister. Maximum numbers of villages are from Vidarbha and Marathwada region. The contribution from government and other partnering agencies will be 50-50 %.

The government will appoint a rural development fellow in each village who will be responsible for the execution of all the activities in that village. The fellows will be empowered enough for effective execution of the scheme. They will be trained through an extensive orientation programme run by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and IIT which will prepare them to lead grass root planning and execution process.

A monthly stipend of Rs 30,000 will be paid to these fellows. Each fellow will also be provided a mentor, who can be a government officer, academician or an official from corporate partners. The mentor will guide fellows to meet the challenges. These fellows have to conduct the baseline survey in the villages and act as the facilitators between the participating agencies, information bearers of schemes and development work and agents of behavioral changes in the villages.

Village Social Transformation mission is a good initiative and honest effort in bringing backward rural villages to the mainstream by providing them better livelihood and basic amenities!

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