Working Women Hostel Facilities – Subsidy, Rules and Regulations

By | November 28, 2017

Hostel Facilities for Working Ladies – Subsidy, Rules and Regulations

Subsidy for working women’s hostel: With changing times, better education and women empowerment, more and more women go out to work. When the place of work is far away, they have to live at the place of work. The major issue faced by working women is safe accommodation.

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With a view to providing safe and convenient accommodation to working women, Government of India has launched Working Women Hostel scheme. The scheme is implemented by Ministry of Women and Child Development.


Objectives of the Scheme

To make safe and convenient accommodation available in urban, semi-urban, rural areas for working women with daycare facility for their children. The scheme includes construction of new hostel building, expansion of existing hostel and starts new hostels even in rented premises.

Features of the Scheme

  • The working women hostel facility will be provided to women above 18 years of age irrespective of class, caste, religion, marital status etc.
  • Women undergoing training for the job can also be accommodated in such hostels provided they don’t occupy more than 30% of the total capacity of the hostel.
  • Children of working mother, girl up to 18 years of age and boy up 5 years of age can be accommodated with the mother.
  • Working women may be single, married, widow or divorced, whose immediate family doesn’t stay in the nearby area are provided accommodation. Priority is given to physically challenged women.
  • Working women whose monthly income is not over Rs 50,000 in metropolitan cities and Rs. 35,000 in other cities are provided accommodation.
  • The hostel will have the single bedroom and double bedrooms. Rent for rooms will be according to the monthly earning of the women which can’t exceed 15% of the income for a room with single bed and 10% for the double bedroom.
  • A woman can’t stay in working women hostel for more than 3 years. She might be given permission under special circumstances, which can’t exceed more than 5 years.
  • State government agencies, urban municipal bodies, Panchayat Raj institutions, recognized universities/colleges; Self Help group etc. can apply for assistance under the scheme to start a working women hostel project.
  • Ministry of Child and Development will sanction and monitor the hostel projects.

List of working women hostels can be accessed online at

Working Women Hostel Scheme is a great relief to working women who have to live out of work as it provides the safe environment.

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