Yatri Mitra Seva Dial Number and Booking Wheelchair Helpline

By | October 26, 2017

Yatri Mitra Sewa Helpline and Dial Number – Booking Wheelchair Services

Yatri Mitra Seva Dial Number: In a move to make rail travel comfortable for aged, differently baled and ailing travelers, Indian Railways is has introduced Yatri Mitra Sewa. It will facilitate them an access to the wheelchair, porter services, and battery operated cars.

Rail mitra seva

You can check booking wheelchair helpline number on the official website of IRCTC.


Key Features

The Yatri Mitra Sewa is available at major railway stations across the nation.

The Yatri Mitra can be an assistant or any other person for the specified purpose or the service provider appointed by the Railways for the specified purpose.

The Yatri Mitra Sewa can be requested while booking a ticket online, by calling or sending the message at ‘139’ or through a mobile app developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems or by dialing a dedicated phone number.

Before the expected time of the passenger to arrive at the railway station, mobile number of the Yatri Mitra will be sent to him/her through SMS, so that the passenger can contact the Yatri Mitra.

The Mobile Application developed will also facilitate the service provider to update the status once the service is provided. The passenger is also provided an option to give feedback regarding the service.

On arrival of the train, the Yatri Mitra shall approach the passenger who has booked the service, greet him and show his mobile message which is similar to the message sent to the passenger. Then the Yatri Mitra will offer the service booked and provide assistance as the passenger instructs.

If the train is running late, the service provider will contact the passenger on the registered mobile number and arrange the service at the expected arrival time of the train at the station.

Currently, the Sewa will be available at reasonable charges. The Railways has a plan to provide free of charge by the active participation of charitable trust, NGOs, Public Sector Units etc under the Corporate Social Responsibility. But it is yet to get the response.

The onus to implement the service is assigned to The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.

IRCTC will ensure that the Yatri Mitra is made available on time at the specified coach when the passenger arrives at the railway station.

The passenger in need of the service will be contacted by ‘Yatri Mitra’ on the mobile number mentioned while booking for the service. He will also confirm the expected time of arrival.

The Yatri Mitra will be issued an identity card and permit to provide service form the authorities.
An adequate number of wheelchairs and battery operated cars will be made available by the IRCTC for the service.

The Yatri Mitra Sewa will be blessing to train passengers who are elderly, differently baled and ill people. The initiative helps them travel comfortably.

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